Random thoughts

Now that I’ve posted my whole Children’s Story, piece by piece, I’m left with nothing to quickly cut and paste on the page. So, I’ll leave you with a couple things that I’ve been thinking about recently:

1) Not Gonna Do It. Although I’m naturally keen on learning new things and gaining knowledge from a wide variety of places, I find that I’ve lost patience for learning how to do stuff that falls beyond my scope of expertise and that I struggle to retain. Like accounting. In the past, I would have spent hours and hours slogging up that learning curve in search of knowledge in some subject that simply was not easy for my pea brain to understand.

These days? Foggetaboutit. Not gonna do it.

Selfish? Maybe. But I think it has to do with age as well, and finally understanding that I’m better off focusing on my strengths rather than wasting time on my weaknesses.

What do you think?

2) Writing. I’ve had some unbroken stretches of time recently, which have resulted in this blog and another called “Thinkables” that I’m going to launch soon. That one is a humor blog.

Being left alone in a quiet house for longish stretches of time gives me the opportunity to get some writing done, and I appreciate every minute. Although it also results in a sink full of dirty dishes, empty refrigerator, and clothes scattered about, it’s still nice to finally have some time for creative pursuits.

When do you write best? Morning? With music on? I’m curious.

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Children’s Story Final

“He’ll sure have his work cut out for him now”
Pete said with a new worried look on his brow;
“So, before he’s too busy, I’d sure like to see
“If he would do just one more favour for me

“My sight as of late has worsened, I fear,
“I can see things from far but not things from near;
“Before Magee starts to make suits and new sashes
“Do you think he would make me some dinosaur glasses?”

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Children’s Story (Continued #8)

For hours and hours he tested those shoes
Until Billy finally gave him the news:
“Now we must go, while the sun is still glowing.
“It’s definitely time for us to get going.”

Pete had a permanent smile on his face,
As they walked through the forest and back to his place.
Once they got home, he knew what would be:
Friends and his family would gather to see.

“They’re all going to want their own, don’t you know.
“When they see these amazing new shoes that I show.
“Billy, they may want Magee to make them all hats,
“Or belts or blue jackets, and stuff just like that!”

 “They may ask him to make fancy dresses or boots,
“Or yellow tuxedos, or dinosaur suits;
“My family and friends will want all these things
“From dinosaur bracelets to dinosaur rings”

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Children’s Story (Continued #7)

Tiny white stars ran from bottom to top,
With thick rubber soles to help him to stop;
Rather than laces that need fingers to close,
The shoes fastened up with a push of Pete’s nose

“I love them! I love them! I love them!” he cheered,
As he ran back and forth from there and to here.
He walked on sharp branches and pebbles to test,
And every sharp rock he could find east to west.

“Whippeee!” he shouted, twirling round and around,
“I can now step on any sharp thing on the ground.
“I don’t feel any pain. My feet do not hurt.
“I can walk down the path, over stones, through the dirt.”

Pete turned to Billy and said, “Thank you, my friend.
“Without you, I could not have enjoyed such an end.
“These shoes are fantastic, amazingly clever.
“I owe you big time. I owe you forever!”

“Forget it,” said Billy. “You’re like my own brother.
“That’s what friends do: they help out each other.”
Then Billy watched as Pete ran to and fro,
First going fast and then going slow.

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Children’s Story (Continued #6)

Now, three days seemed like forever to Pete,
When all he could think of were new shoes on his feet;
The minutes and hours passed slowly like snails,
As Pete kept track with three marks on three nails.

When the day finally came, he bounced and he wiggled,
He whooped and he hollered, he laughed and he giggled.
He flipped up his tail fourteen times in the air,
He would soon have those shoes for his tootsies to wear!

When Billy arrived to the lake on that day,
They both went to see what Magee had to say.
They walked right on up to the old wooden shack
And found a note stuck there with tape on the back:

“Dear Mr. Pete, your shoes are completed.
“Exactly exact as you said that you needed.
“I’ve now gone to see Mr. Goose ‘bout a hat,
“But you’ll find your new shoes just inside on the mat.”

Pete pushed on the door and his eyes started tight’ning,
What he saw there was like a bolt of bright light’ning;
Right near the door, sat his four brand new shoes,
Sky blue and green, and all ready to use.

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Children’s Story (Continued #5)

“Of course I will help you,” Magee finally said;
He tilted his glasses and scratched his white head.
“This job will be huge, enormous in fact,
“I must be quite certain I’m exactly exact!”

He lifted Pete’s legs and measured each foot,
With a tiny green inch worm he called Zagazoot.
Thirty six wriggles from toe nail to heel
Tickling Pete’s foot with an inchy inch feel.

Then Magee scribbled some notes in a book,
And asked Pete how he thought they should look.
“How about green and Summer Sky blue?
With tiny white stars. I think that will do!”

“To my workshop!” Magee said, as he leapt with a bound,
“To make you the four finest shoes in this town.”
“Come back to see me in three days,” he proposed
Then was gone from their sight as the door slowly closed.

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Children’s Story (Continued #4)

“He wears a long coat, with glasses and boots
“With grass growing on them in long narrow shoots.
“His white hair sticks up, you’ll see when we meet.
“I bet he can make you some shoes for your feet.”

Then Pete replied sadly, “But how will I pay?”
“I don’t have a checkbook, or cash, anyway.”
“No need to worry,” Billy said with a smirk.
“He only accepts apples as pay for his work.”

So off the two went to find apples and see,
If the shoes could be made by Old Man Magee.
They found the old shack on a huge pile of sand,
And knocked on the door with the apples in hand.

The old man appeared, let me tell you, oh brother!
A chicken in one arm, a rake in the other.
They gave him the apples, as payment in trade
Then told him why Pete needed shoes to be made.

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