Children’s Story (Continued #4)

“He wears a long coat, with glasses and boots
“With grass growing on them in long narrow shoots.
“His white hair sticks up, you’ll see when we meet.
“I bet he can make you some shoes for your feet.”

Then Pete replied sadly, “But how will I pay?”
“I don’t have a checkbook, or cash, anyway.”
“No need to worry,” Billy said with a smirk.
“He only accepts apples as pay for his work.”

So off the two went to find apples and see,
If the shoes could be made by Old Man Magee.
They found the old shack on a huge pile of sand,
And knocked on the door with the apples in hand.

The old man appeared, let me tell you, oh brother!
A chicken in one arm, a rake in the other.
They gave him the apples, as payment in trade
Then told him why Pete needed shoes to be made.

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