Children’s Story (Continued #5)

“Of course I will help you,” Magee finally said;
He tilted his glasses and scratched his white head.
“This job will be huge, enormous in fact,
“I must be quite certain I’m exactly exact!”

He lifted Pete’s legs and measured each foot,
With a tiny green inch worm he called Zagazoot.
Thirty six wriggles from toe nail to heel
Tickling Pete’s foot with an inchy inch feel.

Then Magee scribbled some notes in a book,
And asked Pete how he thought they should look.
“How about green and Summer Sky blue?
With tiny white stars. I think that will do!”

“To my workshop!” Magee said, as he leapt with a bound,
“To make you the four finest shoes in this town.”
“Come back to see me in three days,” he proposed
Then was gone from their sight as the door slowly closed.

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