Children’s Story (Continued #6)

Now, three days seemed like forever to Pete,
When all he could think of were new shoes on his feet;
The minutes and hours passed slowly like snails,
As Pete kept track with three marks on three nails.

When the day finally came, he bounced and he wiggled,
He whooped and he hollered, he laughed and he giggled.
He flipped up his tail fourteen times in the air,
He would soon have those shoes for his tootsies to wear!

When Billy arrived to the lake on that day,
They both went to see what Magee had to say.
They walked right on up to the old wooden shack
And found a note stuck there with tape on the back:

“Dear Mr. Pete, your shoes are completed.
“Exactly exact as you said that you needed.
“I’ve now gone to see Mr. Goose ‘bout a hat,
“But you’ll find your new shoes just inside on the mat.”

Pete pushed on the door and his eyes started tight’ning,
What he saw there was like a bolt of bright light’ning;
Right near the door, sat his four brand new shoes,
Sky blue and green, and all ready to use.

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