Children’s Story (Continued #7)

Tiny white stars ran from bottom to top,
With thick rubber soles to help him to stop;
Rather than laces that need fingers to close,
The shoes fastened up with a push of Pete’s nose

“I love them! I love them! I love them!” he cheered,
As he ran back and forth from there and to here.
He walked on sharp branches and pebbles to test,
And every sharp rock he could find east to west.

“Whippeee!” he shouted, twirling round and around,
“I can now step on any sharp thing on the ground.
“I don’t feel any pain. My feet do not hurt.
“I can walk down the path, over stones, through the dirt.”

Pete turned to Billy and said, “Thank you, my friend.
“Without you, I could not have enjoyed such an end.
“These shoes are fantastic, amazingly clever.
“I owe you big time. I owe you forever!”

“Forget it,” said Billy. “You’re like my own brother.
“That’s what friends do: they help out each other.”
Then Billy watched as Pete ran to and fro,
First going fast and then going slow.

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2 Responses to Children’s Story (Continued #7)

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    interesting story. love your blog’s header. its very attractive.

    • jeuteneuer says:

      Thanks, Sharmishtha. It’s actually a real photo of my daughter standing in front of a large fish tank with jellyfish. Pretty cool I thought.

      Thanks for following my blog.

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