Children’s Story (Continued #8)

For hours and hours he tested those shoes
Until Billy finally gave him the news:
“Now we must go, while the sun is still glowing.
“It’s definitely time for us to get going.”

Pete had a permanent smile on his face,
As they walked through the forest and back to his place.
Once they got home, he knew what would be:
Friends and his family would gather to see.

“They’re all going to want their own, don’t you know.
“When they see these amazing new shoes that I show.
“Billy, they may want Magee to make them all hats,
“Or belts or blue jackets, and stuff just like that!”

 “They may ask him to make fancy dresses or boots,
“Or yellow tuxedos, or dinosaur suits;
“My family and friends will want all these things
“From dinosaur bracelets to dinosaur rings”

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