Random thoughts

Now that I’ve posted my whole Children’s Story, piece by piece, I’m left with nothing to quickly cut and paste on the page. So, I’ll leave you with a couple things that I’ve been thinking about recently:

1) Not Gonna Do It. Although I’m naturally keen on learning new things and gaining knowledge from a wide variety of places, I find that I’ve lost patience for learning how to do stuff that falls beyond my scope of expertise and that I struggle to retain. Like accounting. In the past, I would have spent hours and hours slogging up that learning curve in search of knowledge in some subject that simply was not easy for my pea brain to understand.

These days? Foggetaboutit. Not gonna do it.

Selfish? Maybe. But I think it has to do with age as well, and finally understanding that I’m better off focusing on my strengths rather than wasting time on my weaknesses.

What do you think?

2) Writing. I’ve had some unbroken stretches of time recently, which have resulted in this blog and another called “Thinkables” that I’m going to launch soon. That one is a humor blog.

Being left alone in a quiet house for longish stretches of time gives me the opportunity to get some writing done, and I appreciate every minute. Although it also results in a sink full of dirty dishes, empty refrigerator, and clothes scattered about, it’s still nice to finally have some time for creative pursuits.

When do you write best? Morning? With music on? I’m curious.

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One Response to Random thoughts

  1. Anna says:

    Probably late afternoon and evening. I don’t mind music/noise, but I have to be the cause or it’s too distracting. LOL.

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